ScopeIT Education’s Tech Tournament

Our annual coding competition is open to any student from a school where ScopeIT Education delivers courses or a coder from a CIY.Club.

Coinciding with National Science Week, Tech Tournament has been designed to encourage students to use their imaginations with creative design and digital technologies skills.

Students aged 7-15 can enter one or both categories with HP Pavilion touchscreen laptops and Lenovo M10 tablets to be won!


Gaming Challenge

Moon Olympics


It is the far future. In the moon capital city, the first moon olympics are being held. Your mission is to make a game for the moon olympics.

Can you code with loops, conditionals and variables?

Can you bring together all the elements of game making?

Use your coding powers to show us how your imagination can run wild using block based coding.

Past Moon

Story / Animation

Moon Storytime


Use your coding skills to tell a story about the history of a mission to the moon. Do your research to learn about past moon missions.

What things were learned on the moon mission? 

What problems were solved?

Think about what makes a great story and use code blocks to express your story.


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